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7:38 PM
by: Elly


Professional Wiki Portfolio

This assignment was fun. It was a little quirkier than posting a blog, though, but in the end it turned out to be a pretty fun way to share information. Here is my wonderful more

9:53 PM
by: Wesley

Computers in the Classroom @ UNT

Final Exam Online

Our final examination is now available in our Moodle course. Remember, this final is optional. Your top 2 exam scores from exam 1...more

4:44 PM
by: Amanda


Professional Wiki

I created a page of the professional wiki assignment. I definitely am glad that I got to work this therefore in the future...more

6:16 PM


My Wiki: Professional Portfolio

As a start to beginning my digital footprint I created a Wiki Page. It is actually rather simple to use once you get the hang of it...more

10:38 PM
by: Chelsey


Professional Portfolio

Building my portfolio on wiki spaces ended up being way easier than expected. I didn t see the moodle quiz for it to be submitted that ...more

11:45 AM


Innovative Learning

In The Life Practice Model: a real life example, we were introduced to a student that was placed into an alternative charter school. I think t...more

9:05 AM
by: Rachel


The Life Practice Model: a real life example

The Life Practice Model: a real life example video is a great example of how students can benefit from project based lea...more

1:51 AM
by: Abigail


A New Kind of Learning

My biggest takeaway from watching the Life Practice Model is to remember to challenge the gifted stud...more

9:00 PM
by: Kelsey


Smaller Classrooms with Personal Computers

I enjoyed learning about a different type of school in The Life Practice Model: a real life example. Colby was in 5th grade when he decided to...more

12:04 PM


Professional Wiki

During class, we had the opporunity to make our own Professional wikispace. This was a fun assigment that let us post our blogs, pictures and...more

7:05 PM


Voice Thread Part 2

I choose this topic for my voice thread because I have a new baby and all I do is make bottles it seems. I feel as if my son doesn t even know me as ...more

5:04 PM
by: Kendall


The Life Practice Model

The Life Practice Model was a great example of schools soaring beyond expectations and meeting the needs of students who want and desire more from learning. I think it was so smart of Cale...more

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