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I created a page of the professional wiki assignment. I definitely am glad that I got to work this therefore in the future I will know how to put together a great portfolio and I'll get to share my ideas. 


Scratch Project

My scratch profile contains the three scratch projects that I have recently made for this project. I have learned many new things about scratch. At first, and still to this day, I do admit that this program takes a lot of time and effort to figure out. I am by far an expert and would still consider myself a beginner to scratch. I learned how to program things, make them move, change the appearance, make the scripts walk and talk and also a lot more things. Most of all I learned how to think! It takes a lot to do a simple task and I loved how scratch starts blank and YOU have to sit there and think of each move, try it out, and see if it works. 

Trial and error..That is how I would say I learned how to use scratch. I would try different combinations and if it didn't work I would figure out what I needed to do in order to make it work. Usually with any type of project your are given rules and guidelines but with scratch you start  on that empty canvas and get to put your ideas together.

As a future teacher I think scratch would be a great program to get the students to think outside the box and to be creative. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and letting each person figure out what they are good at and what they lack is all brought out in scratch. 

Out of my three project the third one has to be my favorite. It may look like it was the most simple one for me to do but it actually took me the longest. I literately had to think about each co-ordinate and each step to write out my initials. This took a lot of time for me but every time I did something correct I felt great!   

Scratch Project


Untraditional Learning

The Life Practice Model: a real life experience shows how technology can dramatically change the learning experience of students. I learned that all students learn differently and technology gives an opportunity to help them learn with the tips of their fingertips. Students become more interactive with their learnging and are entertained with new ways of learning. 

Usually when I want to learn something that is new to me I have instant access to the internet at school, on my cell phone, or at home. With students being able to have this ability it makes learning more abundant instant. 

I plan, if possible, for all my students to have some form of technology to learn with. This will take education not only just in the classroom but with them wherever they go. I believe it is very important for students to have that access now.   


Learning by Projects

As a young student I would always look forward to doing projects. I would get to go out of the normal everyday paperwork and use my creativity to make something and share it with others. Now students have so much more resources and technology to make projects more easy and to share them quickly. Project Based Learning in Hand, shows how to use technology in the everyday classroom to conduct a project. I learned that students are now able to use such devices as palms, laptops and Ipads to work on in school. 

Learning through the internet is one of the resources I personally use the most since I have it mainly everywhere I go. Having students being able to do the same will take learning to new levels. Like Tony Vincent said in the video learning will become "mobilized". Students will have that access all the time whether they are at school or at the dinner table. 

In my own teaching practice I believe my students will benefit greatly if we could have this type of technology to use on a daily basis. Students will remain engaged in learning and it will become more relevant in their own lives. We live in the 21st century and I believe its time to start teaching that way as well. 




Screencast using Picnik

I chose to do my screencast over how to edit pictures using the website I recently heard about this website and I though it was very fun and interesting to be able to edit pictures. Using Screenr to make my screencast was very interesting. I had to record it a couple of times due to mistakes, but overall it was very different and easy to use. This tool could bring learning new things to a new level with how simple and easy it was. Being a future teacher I could see how I could incorporate this type of technology into lessons. 


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