The Life Practice Model: a real life example

The Life Practice Model: a real life example video is a great example of how students can benefit from project based learning. More public schools should be project based; this shouldn't be just a charter school way of learning. Every school should have technology at kids fingertips, but they don't. Students still visit the computer lab. Why? Students shouldn't have to leave there desk to visit the computer lab; this is technology that should be sitting at their desk. Public school is too concerned with test scores.

My son is only in kindergarten and already his teachers suspect he is gifted. He clearly isn't being challenged in the environment he is in. I have considered sending him to a Charter school. I have little knowledge on Charter schools and was unsure how they compared to public schools and because of this i choose to keep him in public schools.

After seeing this video I have decided to investigate charter schools a little more. A charter school just might be the answer to my frustration with the public school system. I like how excited Colby sounded in this video; he clearly loved his school and loved learning. Colby wasn't bored at the charter school and my son is bored at the public school.    




I had no problems creating a screencast, but I had the hardest time uploading it to twitter. Everytime I'd click the on Twitter from Screenr it would lock up. I tried everything to get it to successfully download, but I couldn't figure it out. I when to the "help" on Screenr, but I couldn't find the answer there. Finally I downloaded Firefox and FINALLY I was able to successfully get my screencast to download.

I chose to create a simple screencast using Scratch. I created a simple screencast on how to change the color of a sprite. i also demonstrated how to delete the curent sprite and add a new sprite from the file. The screencasting was easy for me do, but for some odd reason internet explorer gave trouble. I don't understand why some browsers work and some don't, but I can say it was hard for me figure out what the issue was.

Screencasting could be a great tool for kids to use. If kids can learn to create and explain things that they've learned then they may be more likely to remember these things. When projects make kids the center of the learning enviornment they will take ownership of their creations.



Project Based Learning in Hand

">Project based Learning is what I'm all about. I want to get kids envolved and exploring with technology. Tony Vincent did an excellent job of showing how inventive teaching can be through the use of different devices. I thought he had some really good ideas of how to create a great project based learning rubric. "Driving question" is a great start because it gets children's minds turning. The rubristar website is a wonderful website to create rubrics. When students have a say in what they are leaning and how it's going to be graded it makes them more enthusted and less overwhelmed. 


Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch

I would have never thought about "programing" and "children" in the same sentence, but now after viewing  Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch I can see how great scratch can be for children. I gave my daughter, whom is 10 years old, a breif tutorial on scratch and turned her loose. She had a great time playing with it. It taught her a lot about problem solving. She wanted her sprite to kick a ball to another sprite so it was quite a challenge to learn all the code to accomplish that task. Programing software like Scratch can enrich young minds. We need to give children a means to explore and learn.  



I had a really fun time playing with Scratch. I learned so much in such a short amount of time. I created a Christmas Tree scene, which turned out cute. The picture in the background was actually a picture from my wedding. I hand drew both sprites and all the different cotumes. I edited the background; I added cookies and christmas lights around the top of the room. The lights around the top of the room apear to change colors but actually it's just different backgrounds. I added sound to my project which made it complete. I can see how creating different projects like this could be useful in the classroom. This is a perfect way to get kids learning. My Project is posted on the Scratch website and is titled "Christmas Tree."

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