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As a start to beginning my "digital footprint" I created a Wiki Page. It is actually rather simple to use once you get the hang of it. I plan to update it as my future career advances. Check it out! =)


Scratch Proj: Option 1 with 3 projects

For my Scratch project i chose to do option 1: using 3 different creative shared projects.

The first one is an Unicorn-- it has two sounds (a horse and "sing me a song") played as it soars across the sky as well as the option to push the space bar to change the Sprite's color. The second project is two basketball player Sprite's playing basketball laughing, screaming, and dribbling across the screen. I liked doing this one because it reminded me of my sister and I when we played basketball everyday when i was in middle school. Lastly, the final project is two friends playing in the sand-- i used text: verbally and thought bubbles. They are relaxing in the sun so they move only a little bit on the sand. 

Through Scratch I have learned patience is a virtue. I think I'm one of the students in the class that struggled with this assignment compared to all the others this semester. After viewing the assigned video from the creator, using the cards from class, and having other students from class help me I feel a little bit more confident about this program but still have a lot to learn. My sprite's to me personally are "elementary" compared to the advanced ones i've viewed on the site. I think the cards helped me most by providing the step by step instructions of what to do. It aided me mostly in the xy coordinate functions making the sprite move. 

Personally for my college career, scratch will be a program to play/use as down time between studying. I still do not really grasp some of the effects but hopefully i'll get better at it. I see it more as a game, rather than a learning tool. But then again, I can see how it could help students with math on the coordinates and students interested in pursuing a career with computer programming.

For my future classroom I might assign a similar assignment to the one we're doing but relate it to a topic: ie, science: life cycles of a ____. The student can choose their subject from there. I haven't figured it all out yet but i feel that would be the best way to have it in the classroom and to get around district regulations and use it as an educational purpose.


Learn more about this project


Screencast: Add sound and alter Sprite's color as it moves

For my screencast I initially had a hard time deciding what to do for my topic. So naturally I chose to alter a Sprite's color as it moves with sound. 

I enjoyed the one class period that we had with the sprite cards, they seemed to help me the most. I struggled with the new Scratch program. I did also appreciate the video of the creator and him explaining how to use Scratch, it just was rather lengthy. The cards were easier to use because it was showing us step by step how to do things with sprite. I particularly enjoyed the space bar- change of color option and the sound/ movement. 

I have never done something like Screen casting. Using twitter is a little confusing but I'm embracing the new experience I'm having with it. Screen-casting i think is beneficial because you can actually show someone how to do something online! They can see and hear the instructions. I prefer and do learn best by doing the actual activity. 


Life Practicing Model in Emporia, Kansas

After viewing this video about the school that does Life Practicing Model i couldn't help but think of the amazing college prep school I attended in Little Rock when i was in 5-8th grade. We did similar projects to this school; so i felt this video was definitely something i could relate to.

1. My most significant take away from this video was the skills the students were applying to their studies. They used different types of computer programs to contact/communicate with classmates, enhance their learning, and had the freedom to be responsible for a whole year of this laptop at such a young age. He had mentioned that game/ AIM was a distraction and his hard drive crashing with all of his work on it. He learned a lot from that. He said to plan two weeks + when it involves a project. 

2. This video relates with my life because of the fact that I've already been exposed to this kind of atmosphere prior to viewing the video. I'm glad they have a school like this because it gives the opportunity for students to prepare for future careers,regardless what they become. The experience is there and will help them. My little sister is doing the same thing in her high school district; distribution of laptops and lots of assignments are online as well.

3. In regards to my teaching, I feel this is a great idea, for a portion of classroom time. I'm like a veteran/traditional teacher who prefers hard copies of papers rather than attaching it in email. I do not see how college professors do it. Having to open 200+ emails and downloading the attached essays/papers to grade. It seems too time consuming. I'd rather have them turn it in to me in person, that way i have them all with me. A school like the one in the video would be best for any one pursuing a future in dealing with computers; software, media/webmastering, etc just not to be fully implemented the entire class period.


Learning in Hand

In regards to the Project Based Learning in Hand video i was able to see that iphone/ipads are actually great learning tools.
  1. My most significant "takeaway" from this video was not only the increasing emphasis ("educational" value) that cellular devices used to be and what they have become. Phones used to be a one way communication: calling someone. Now they can heytell, text, check email, have music, photo albums, etc the list goes on. I feel kind of skeptical when it comes to implementing these devices in the classroom. As much as i'd like to have them I'm wondering again: will they be a distraction? con more than a pro? what kind of school district i'd be in, would they allow it? Would they offer these all year and apply this privilege to all the students? I bet each child does have a cell phone but you cannot necessarily assume that they all have an iphone. 
  2. As far as this video relating to my personal life; watching the president/vp video I can look back and remember when that election had happened. I had lived through it and voted for the first time! Also i liked the fact of the two screens going: one showing the picture and the other demonstrating the directions. I'm a person who likes step by step instructions and i felt this video showed me just that.
  3. In regards to the video and my ideas of becoming an educator, I feel this idea of bringing the phones into the classroom is a great idea, i just don't know if it will stick. Different districts have certain policies regarding cell phone usage at school. Where do you draw the line? Who's regulating it?, if so is it taking time out of teaching in a better and improved way of technology? Maybe I have just grown up and was used to not relying so heavily on applications/"learning tools" that do the work for you. I feel students are getting a shortcut rather than learning the steps by steps. For example in my high school calculus class; some of our tests we were not allowed to use calculators. We had to figure out the graphs, plot the points, memorize formulas etc. We didn't have it out for us to just type in numbers we really had to solve the problems. Kids today get so many more aids when it comes to learning that when it does come to testing I think that's where we struggle most. So many districts want to educate their students quickly but not through quality learning processes.
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