Professional Wiki

During class, we had the opporunity to make our own Professional wikispace. This was a fun assigment that let us post our blogs, pictures and also videos as well. Just like everything else we worked on. My wiki will get better each time I work on it.



The Life Practice Model

Yet, another great video fro K12 Online Conference called The Life Practice. The video is narrated by Colby who discusses his experience at a new school. Colby attended this school from 2006-2010. This school had a 16:1 ratio with the teachers and a 1:1 ration with their laptops. Once Colby received his laptop, he soon realized his typing was up to par nor was his spelling. His classmates said his typing or spelling didn't make sense. He also because his class was so small, it felt like a family. During his 6th grade, he created a HUGE cell with all the cells in the body. He used this cell to tour other schools and teach them about cells as well. Per Colby, this was the biggest and funniest project he worked on. Another yet project they worked on was their own Wikispace. This is something we are also working on. It's neat to see all the fun and hands on projects this school provides for their students. Teacher and schools don't realize, with a little bit of help, these students can do anything adults can do.



Today I created my first Screencast. My screencast was over uploading new pictures or a whole picture albulm on to facebook. This assignment looked harder on page than it was in real life. Of course, it helped that Professor Fryer walked me through the process. But, since I already had a twitter account, all I had to do was to long into screenr and it walked me through the process. I even learned that if you pressed the trashcan on the bottomof the page, you can delete the screencast and start over again. This is a great tool to use as a teacher since students ask you to explain things to them over and over. This way, you can them access the instructions via the screencast and walk them through the instructions again without you physically doing it yourself. So gald I found this :)


Big Enough Scratch Project

Yeah, I finally finished my Scratch project. I was looking through the saved programs in the files and noticed a ping pong game. I remember when I was younger I used to play this arcade game all the time. It was sooo addicting. I would spend hours trying to see how long I can get this ball to hit the paddle. So, when I say this scratch game, I knew I had to follow the steps.

Man was this long and complicated. I had this paddle hitting the ball, pouncing off and saying "you loose" if the ball didnt hit the paddle. I had no idea this scrach game was able to do so much. I learned you WEREN'T restricted to only using "sprites" that were under the file. You can actually draw your own. This is what I did with mine. That God this was just a rectangle since I can't even draw stick figures :)

I then learned how to make things move and how to control the ball to only stay within the edges. Thats another neat feature to have. Even though I watched some tutorials online to help me with this ping pong project, it's not as easy as it seems. When the person says, use this function, you still have to find it, and let alone but it in the right area. Another reason I wanted to do this ping pong game was for me to show my students in my future class an easy project that can be done by everyone. I'm going to continue to work on this project and hopefully by the time I start teaching, it will be perfect :) Hope you enjoy it. My only disappointing part of this assigment was, when I played with this game on my computer, it gave me ability to move the "paddle" around and bounce it off the ball. But, when it downloaded to the scratch website the stick wouldn't move :( Don't know why.

Scratch Project


Learning in Hand

I had the opportunity to watch the video, project based learning in hand. This video gives us different examples on how to use technology in the classroom and in projects. My husband works as a behavior specialist in two elemen schools and was given an IPAD to try out. Since hes a technology "geek" he rose to this occassion. He has shown me all the apps availble to help him track the progress of his students, how to graph those numbers and take notes. This video talked about an app called "side by side."  This app lets you take notes while still being able to have lots os screens open. It's a shame all these technologies weren't available when I was growning up. It would of been fun playing with an itouch, Ipad, cameras or any other devices.

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