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This assignment was fun. It was a little quirkier than posting a blog, though, but in the end it turned out to be a pretty fun way to share information. Here is my wonderful Wiki Page. Enjoy!


Road Trips-Google Map

This project that turned out to be pretty fun. I had a hard time with it at first because I felt inimidated by the icons and the hyperlinks for some reason. In the end, I realized that it was a creative way to share places on a map. I liked that idea that you could see places and pictures. There is also a way insert links to provide more information about the places on map.

I decided to do places where I've been on a few of my road trips. Some places are in Mexico and the rest are in the United States.

View A few Road Trip Places in a larger map


The Life Practical Technology: a real life example

Upon review the video The Life Practical Technology: a real life example, it was evident that the school the student was currently attending was not meeting his needs. Although they did have an alternative program available, it wasn't very effecient for gifted students. He began attending another school and was very happy and he told us about how he began to work on a series of projects with other students. The technology he used helped him use his talents to their fullest potential. He improved his typing skills through the use of technology.

The projects they worked on in this alternative school, were not only for sharing with their fellow students, but they also went around their community to other schools and taught younger students what they had learned. This is one of the greatest reasons why I found this beneficial to students. It is said that a good way to learn more about something on a deeper level, is to teach it to somebody. When I was in school, there wasn't much for gifted and talented kids to do if they were "too smart." Teachers would assign more challenging homework to the student or let this student help her in the classroom, but there wasn't a specific program geared towards these kids.

I hope to one day be able to help students to their fullest potential with the use of technology. I believe that in this age, educators and students can work together and what this video showed, was that learning can occur in any place and time. It showed me that there are different ways to incorporate all types of learning into a classroom setting. This is facilitated with the use of technology.



Project Based Learning in Hand

In watching the video for Project Based Learning in Hand video, I learned that this type of learning can be beneficial to students in that it goes in-depth into the learning process. It enables a student to present their new-found knowledge in a new, interactive format. I remember when the only way to present a project was with a board. Technology has long-since updated in many schools and as a future educator, I hope that when I teach, that I'll be able to use these new methods of presenting to encourage my students to be creative. A lot of the Apps available are free and help students brainstorm and come up with a research guide.

It's important for students to have access to all forms of learning strategies. They need to be "up to par," especially with technology, so that when they get out there in the real world, they'll  be ready to meet the expectations in this ever-changing job market. Students will need to be efficient. In the day and age where "high-tech-ness," is a non-negotiable. Students will be able to manage all aspects of completing their projects.




Teaching Kids to Think using Scratch

I watched the video about Teaching Kids to Think Using cratch. It's phenomenal how kids, and pretty much anyone, can go on their way towards computer programming. It's just so amazing how they simplified a complex concept, and made it so that kids could use this program in a fun, interactive way.

When I was growing up, there weren't programs like this that I can remember. The only programs I can recall are typing programs. I'm glad to see that there are more fun, interactive ways for kids to expand their minds. Technology makes this possible.

I learned a more about scratch from this video. It showed how to move sprites, change their color, and get through mazes! It's like Microsoft's Paint on steroids! When I saw that the kids were using the same cards I did for scratch, it just made me realize how universal this program is, and how beneficial it can be to kids. It empowers them to creativity in a new way. As a future educator, I hope that one day I can use scratch not only as a learnig tool, but as a means to make learning fun and interactive. It would be a great way to tell a story and to show off their creativity. Kids are more apt to pick up on technology. They're just smart like that. My 7-year old niece was teaching me to play the Wii and I had fun! Kids feel validated when they can get the opportunity to share and "teach" what they have to offer.



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