Voice Thread Part 2

I choose this topic for my voice thread because I have a new baby and all I do is make bottles it seems. I feel as if my son doesn't even know me as his mom only as the bringer of the milk. My sons father has absolutly no idea how to even begin to make my son a bottle in case I don't leave enough or am gone to long. This is something I feel like all fathers should have access to just in case it ever comes up. Therefore moms everywhere can rest easy and know that the husbands or fathers at least can get information of the internet of how to make a bottle.

Using voice thread wasn't hard at all, all you do is upload, record, and share and that is it. The only thing that I can honestly say I have trouble with is making it public for everyone to view. I felt there was no clear link telling you what to do. Other than that I had no difficulty at all.







This is my screencast and it was so much easier than I thought it was going to be. After of course getting a microphone to use I found this assignment to be easy and fun.

I did my screencast over how to make your sprite in scratch grow and shrink to your desired size for your project. I thought this was important infromation to know for making scratch projects.

This is a great tool for teachers you can give instructions any time a students needs them without actually being with that student.



Scrath Option 1

Scrath has been an experience I can honestly say I mean between my busy school load and my home life I found scratch to be difficult a times. Watching the videos and tutorial helped alot. I upload all three videos to my scratch page and I can say that my favorite is the simplest one. To me it was funny, short and sweet all in one. Now the one I did on kids and what to say when ask to smoke I also loved but I could only choose one.

Even though I had a limited amount of time to play with scratch I learned quite a few things, I wish I had had a microphne to record things that would have made it so much better. The microphone in my opinion would have made it much more interactive. I Learned the basics background changing which took me awhile to figure out and after I did I felt kind of silly cause it was so easy. (All you have to do is click on the stage and hit import and then choose a background). Another basic was sprite changing, resizing them, moving them to the spot you want and things like that. For me in my projects the hardest thing for me to get down was the timing that really hard and I probably still don't have it exactly perfect. Getting the character to do what you want it to do was a totally different story. I swear I must have change numbers and seconds thousands of times trying to get the sprites to do what I wanted. My videos aren't scrath gold or nearly as advanced as some of the ones you see on the website now but they are my scratch babies and I am proud of what I did.

Even though I don't have to ever do anything with scratch again outside of this class I think I will continue to play with scratch and explore it in my free time. I can definatly see myself maybe using this in my classroom. Lets say this was a perfect world and I am teaching kindergarden or first grade like I want to I would use cratch maybe to act out stories I read to my students almost like the voice thread but much more animated. I thing they would love that cause it would kind of be like a cartoon. I would make up like math or spelling game for my kids I think I could have some real fun with scratch if given the chance, time and effort. Personally when my baby boy becomes of age and can understand the computer and scratch I would love for him to get creative with it because scratch allows you to be as creative as your mind will allow. I think it could help his mind grow and develop in an amazing way.

( The computers at the library won't allow me to embed the video because you can't play it on this version of Internet Explorer so I am going to provide you a direct link to my favorite scratch project and maybe on your computer you can view the video). ( I hope this is OK).




Thinking Outside the Educational Box

Education is changing everyday and one reason for that is technology. Technology creates way for us as educators to think out side the box of general teaching practices. Like I said in my title technology creats a way for us a future educators to think outside of the box. It gives us a chance to come up with fresh and new ideas towards education and how we as teacher, parents, and students view it. In the video The Moral Imperative it talks about the sharing of idea and thats exactly it whenever something new and fresh is created in the world of education we should want it to be shared with everyone and technology is the way to do this.


Teaching Kids To Think Using Scratch

After I watching the video for scratch I can honestly say I learned so many new things about scratch. Such as how to use different commands and changing the background.

This is such a great program for students , parents, and teahers to explore and kind of fiddle around with. So much can be done and taught with scratch and it is a great outlet for everyone creative energy. All ages can enjoy this program and learn many things from it. Scratch can be very complicated at first but after viewing this video and watchin playing with it a little anyone can learn how to do it.



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